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From David Goldman
Poet. Author. Philosopher. Painter. Songwriter.

In the Beginning, Man Created God

In the beginning man created god! Abraham invented god after he saw his father worship statues and decided to shatter them! Then god was created… and god did not write the bible , but smart people smarter than today, and they were charlatans, avaricious and bribe seekers. From the dawn of the universe, there has never been a god! It is written in Genesis that Adam and Eve tasted the fruit of the tree of knowledge and then were ashamed… the voice of god was then allegedly heard by Adam! If god asks Adam where is he the god neither knows nor exists. In Genesis, chapter 6, the sons of god saw that daughters of people were fair and took wives for themselves of all that they chose. So how could be god the almighty? Justice, justice you sall pursue? Does it have anything to do with reality? The lord will give what is good, and our land will yield its increase? Bullshit. In stinking tomato sauce. There is no afterlife! There's only the life you got from your parents and the good or bad genes. It is written in Genesis that the inclination of the human heart is evil from youth. So how did the myth god create man evil to such an extent… that's a complete lie. Or, god is the reason of all reasons and the cause of all causes. That' a lie too… the world is made of human beings, and they are mostly crooks, hypocrites, thieves, murderers, charlatans. The myth of god allegedly created insane asylums. Ecclesiastes and Proverbs are the writing than have the most wisdom! The rest is an unrealistic fancy that doesn't stand the test of time!!! No dead person has ever resurrected to tell what's in death?! Eternal silence… all this dreams, hopes, and desires are buried in the ground and maggots feeds on his flesh! When the world was created in evolution… when the big band occurred… I have a joke! The myth of god was deafened by the sound of the big bang, thus he can't hear all the stupid, unreal prayers. Terrible racism has been around since the dawn of history… Also, most of the bible is racist and excommunicates from the course of life big groups of human beings, because the bible is stigmatizing and mostly cruel. Religion is the main theme of the horrible wars going around and brings about extermination of millions of human beings, and good and helpless people are being slaughtered in the name of religion. The bible is mostly a crime! Here is a question: why every person in the world has their own unique fingerprint? DNA. Evolution! The myth of god died after the creation of the world. He was created in the shape and image of man… So he's dead, too! Every person has their own god that he received from his parents and genes of past generations… No changes in genes has ever occurred in the population of this terrible world and the contemptible people. Human beings determine your fate for bad or good! Also, the education you got from your parents makes you succeed or fail! All our lives are a tough struggle to survive… Why? Because man is evil! And evil stays evil until death. A lier stays a lier. A murderer stays a murderer and so on! The good stay good and suffer badly. People consider being good as a weakness? That's not true. Greedy, evil people totally destroyed nature, and nature will take revenge seventy-sevenfold. All studies are mostly tendentious and a complete lie to promote stakeholders and tycoons. No person never desires to gain more than he has. But the myth of god is greedy! God is sacred in charity, and charity will save lives. Bullshit! I saw good people dying young without doing anything bad although they donate to charity… And then the religious people says that nobody knows the myth of gods settles His accounts! The entire nature goes through a destructive, cyclical routine! This routine is the greatest enemy of man! It is written in Ecclesiastes that "I found more bitter than death the woman who is a trap"! This it totally true! Women are more vengeful than man, more dangerous and hypocrite as chameleons. Humans! The myth of god is the oxygen and nature! The this myth does not seek justice, no equality, and does not salvage the poor from the slums! I came to all these conclusions after proper examination and with ample life experience! The temple of god did not descend with fire from heavens… that's total crap. The bible is a collection of sentences and stories full of holes and discrepancies. Can you show me a single person who practice the ten commandments? You won't find that person. Money is god! Oxygen! And nature! Myth is god! If the inclination of the human heart is evil from youth, then myth of god is evil and cruel, too! People in the past were smarter than today… Today, advancement eat away at us! There are no righteous people in Sodom. The world will soon come to an end by nature and cruel human beings. The end is drawing near in giant steps. The collapse of the world started in the devastating recession of 2008, and the world fails to recover from it! Everything is a financial bubble that is about to explode! Reality struck me in the face and I stopped believing in this cruel myth of god. Everything I said can be left enough alone! I haven't reached yet the age of hundred… But I hear voices of evil and hypocrisy on every hand. I don't miss the days of my childhood. I stay away from love because it's like a fire that consumes the body and soul! If god existed, he wouldn't let all these horrible thing occur. I told you that god became deaf in the big bang… the myth of god does not heal the sick, does not open the eyes of the blind, and does not set the trapped free. Many innocent people are doing time in jail for no reason, they are nothing but scapegoats… They rot in prison for the rest of their life. It is the doctor who heals the sick and opens the eyes of the blind! Leave out all this invented nonsense you call god… It is written in the bible, "cursed are those that trust in mere mortals, and make mere flesh their strength". End of quote! I ask, then, what did the myth of god created man for if He says "cursed are those that trust in mere mortals, and make mere flesh their strength"? It is all fiction. There is no god. Man invented Him. Throughout life I relied numerous times on this terrible myth and my condition hans't improved but only worsened… and worsened still! Once a person no longer believes in himself and his abilities, he's lost! And there's another dumb verse! "Cast your burden on the Lord, and he will sustain you; he will never permit the righteous to be moved"? I've seen in my life many righteous men collapse and falling apart… Everything in life is coincidence! The biggest luck is to be in the right place with the right people. Most of the bible cannot be applied. It suits the herd running to their idols… because they lack character, and whenever something happens they ask the myth to have mercy! Ha! Ha! Ha!... "Love thy neighbor as yourself," can this be applied? Of course not! A person first loves himself more than he loves his neighbor! "Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord rescues them from them all." That's a complete lie. There is at least a billion devastated and broken people and their condition just gets worse. Nonsense… Charlatans! Nature progresses in a boring cycle and terrible crises and unbearable disasters affect mankind… Where is god? There is no such thing! Not at all! Human beings invented religion and the bible to threaten the weak and those who lack character. Everything in this world is incessant brainwashing. According to the saying "money will torture all." Now, that's true! He who has the money has the say! And the wealthy continue to humiliate the depraved! And take their money and food. It's a world of survival, a world of power! A world of hunters and the hunted! There's a minority of kind people who work for the depraved, but the evil and great darkness swallow them and trap them in the corner! Science refutes many things in the bible, such as the The Exodus and the tearing open of the Red Sea that never occurred. People invented holidays and customs and superstitions. People seal your fate for good or bad. Poverty or wealth… Genetics constitutes 90% of one's life and that is the definite truth! Talk to your god and pay attention carefully! You only talk to yourselves. Try this several times and you'll that I'm absolutely right. The whole bible is full of contradictions and inaccuracies! Throughout the bible, the myth only threatens with revenge against human beings. Your wives will become widows! I'll exile you from your land. I will ruin you and send you far away. The myth sends threats throughout the whole bible. Elijah ascended to heavens in a chariot of fire. Very funny. Moses hit the rock and the water came out… Can anyone prove this? Man has developed from the amoeba, which later developed into an ape… The origin of man is the amoeba, and today there are billions of amoebas in dysentery! Ha! If the myth can't control what happens on planet Earth and the situation becomes unbearable, then there is no god! Will the religious people please explain to me the first and second world war, where dozens of millions of people lost their lives? Will the religious people please explain the extermination of six million Jews by the Nazi regime? Of course, they have ready-made answers from the bible and the word of the sages… Ha… Ha… But why should I exhaust myself with writing my firm opinion that god does not exist. This is my opinion and it is shared by many, and as I say "in the beginning man created god."

David Goldman. Poet. Author. Philosopher. Painter. Song writer.

With love to all the sane!

April 2016

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