גולדמן דוד
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Here you can find five letters that show the suffering I've had from the following five entities.
You should know how to deal in life with overblown, corrupt and inhumane systems. How could these corrupt and bribed systems abuse people?
Here are five letters:
The first is for the media
The second, for the police and advocacy
The third, for the court
The fourth, for psychiatrists
New letters
Those who stigmatize me make me nauseated and disgusted… It all happened 19 years ago… I was a clean, reasonable and acclaimed author. My purpose is to warn you from all the corrupt, cruel systems that abuse the weak! Don't believe the despicable media! Or the unjust advocacy! Don't believe the court because courts abuse the weak! Don't believe the police who abuse the helpless and the poor! Beware of psychiatrists – they are charlatans and members of a profession that abuses the helpless and scoop billions with their horrible drugs that cause irreparable damage!!!
I hope you will heed to the text and know to protect your liberty, and prevent human rights, freedom, and dignity from being corrupted in this country.